We Perennial Code will be providing an integrated solution with Boom Barriers & ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition). which will help security personnel to grant access and track vehicles Entry & Exit .


  • Customizable Vehicle Monitoring Software.
  • Capture passing vehicle info
  • Set up black & white lists, license plate recognition.
  • View real-time conditions of vehicles entry & exit of premises.
  • License plate library can add the number of licenses 5000.
  • Configure Entry & Exit directions
  • Configure license plate capture camera as per parking lot channel.
  • ANPR has good Night vision
  • In Built AI Algorithm to process License plate images.

ANPR Integrated System

The municipality of a large metropolis incorporated ANPR technology to expedite parking ticketing. Key parking lots have ANPR cameras installed, which automatically record license plate information from entering and leaving vehicles.

The technology provided rapid access to vehicle information for ticket generating by seamlessly integrating ANPR data with the parking management database. Violations resulted in the automatic issuance of tickets, which decreased manual labor.

B2B Parking Space allocation

Perennial Code developed a thorough parking system to deal with traffic jams and inefficiencies. By integrating automated ticketing systems, admission and departure procedures were streamlined and human error was reduced. Increased security measures including electric vehicle charging stations and surveillance cameras integrated into green parking solutions.

In addition to improving parking spot distribution and tracking, this all-encompassing strategy promoted a more sustainable, user-friendly, and effective parking environment.


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