iBiz Accounts

Invoicing & Inventory Management Software useful for Small Businesses, Retailers, Wholesalers, Service Providers . Invoicing can be done on cloud or offline/mobile app.


Online Orders


Offline Billing


Single Terminals


  • DTouch Enabled
  • Credit Note for Sales Returns.
  • Home Delivery Order tracking.
  • Define Price Lists (Seasons, vendors)
  • Storefront & Back-office Reports
  • Easyto use utilities for data import
  • GST Submission Reports.
  • Detailed/Consolidated Reports (Sales / Inventory / Orders / GST).
  • Reconciliation for Cash Balance.
  • Integration with Barcode/Printer Devices.
  • Combo/Pack Management
  • Inventory Management.

Efficient Canteen Management System

An government organization which runs their Employee Canteen from a welfare funds want to streamline their Employee Canteen Management. Currently they are manually keeping track of Inventory, Indents & sales and Purchases. Maintaining goods allotted to chef and daily menu was a Hazzel. Perennial Code Provided a customized canteen System that help management to track everything digitally.

Innovative Fund Tracking

A prominent US-based non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting small business owners in local neighbourhoods faced unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization’s mission was to provide crucial financial support to struggling entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the economic uncertainties caused by the global health crisis.
The non-profit organization grappled with the daunting task of efficiently managing and tracking funds distributed to small business owners. The manual processes in place were time-consuming, prone to errors, and lacked the scalability needed to address the growing demand for assistance. There was an urgent need for a robust software solution that could streamline fund tracking, enhance transparency, and empower the organization to extend its reach and impact.
Perennial Code IT has
Understanding the unique challenges faced by client, our team collaborated with the organization to develop a tailor-made software.
Intuitive user interfaces for both administrators and small business owners to streamline communication and application processes.


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